09/26/12 Members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved the grant administration contract between the Board of Public Works and Safety and the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation.

  Executive Director Jennifer Laurent has been helping the city with the FEMA grant to purchase several properties in the flood plain along South Plum Street and Garro Street.  Terms of the agreement include paying the administrator $14,480 for the Plum Street properties and $6,528 for the Garro Street properties.

The Board of Public Works also approved a training reimbursement agreement for both new and established police officers.  The city attorney explained that the city had a current resolution but Police Chief Cox and the attorney to define it a bit better.  The change is due to the fact that a police officer recently received at $15,000 training in polygraph and is now moving to another police department.  The Chief of Police will have more discretion when the department pays for training that is more that continuing education.  The resolution will require an officer to remain with the city for three years following the training or pay back the city for the training at a pro-rated fee.

  Fire Chief Rod Miller told board members that work on the roofing project was scheduled to begin on Tuesday.

  He also commented that the awning project that was to be started by September 17th is waiting on materials.    Completion is still expected to be this Friday.  This project is repairing the awning that was damaged in February of this year when a drunk driver struck it.  The project was bid and in April Paul Davis Restoration of Michiana was awarded the project. There has been no action and in mid-August the board told the Fire Chief to get a firm date for work to begin and be completed or a new quote would be accepted.