09/25/12 Washington Discovery Academy’s Kindergarten students are learning about Plymouth’s community helpers.  Students want to know who they are, what they do, and how they help us.  Fire Chief Miller and fireman Cook came to WDA in a fire truck last week and talked to the kids about how firemen are community helpers and they invited us to walk to the station to visit.  One highlight of that day was to actually climb into the fire truck.  One student said, “I can’t believe I am in a fire truck!”, while in the truck.

  Teachers, students, and many parents then took a community walk last Friday and visited the Library, Fire Station, and the Police Station.  Officer Owen and Officer Brown did a fantastic job of showing the children what tools they used at the station and in their car.  They also took the kids on a tour of the police station and talked to the kids about their job.  At the library, Miss Marie talked to the kids about being a librarian, took them on a tour of the library, and read them an interactive story.  At the fire station, students took a tour, and learned about the many jobs the firemen did while at work.  They had many questions and learned so much from walking around our community to visit some of Plymouth’s community helpers.

Here is a link to our PBL site that talks more about our projects: