09/25/12 City attorney Sean Surissi and City Engineer Rick Gaul opened bids for the 2012 City Street and Fill projects during the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety meeting Monday evening.

Three companies submitted sealed bids for the various projects.  The streets up for projects include Richter Road from Baker Street to East Jefferson Street, Ewing Street from North Michigan to Bayless Street, East Monroe Street from North Michigan to Magnetic Parkway, West Madison Street from 8th Street to the west dead-end and North Center Street from West Monroe Street to West Jackson Street.

Bids on the projects were from E & B Paving from Rochester for $180,861; Phend & Brown from Milford at $128,620 and Reith-riley from South Bend at $164,875. Bids will be reviewed by Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt, City Engineer Rick Gaul and City Clerk Treasurer Toni Hutchings.  The board approved allowing them to move forward with the best bid for the project once reviewed.  It was noted that these project are time sensitive since the weather is getting colder.