09/24/12 Members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission were updated on the property acquisition for River Park Square during their meeting last week.

City attorney Sean Surissi said he made offers to the three property owners and they were all accepted.  The two-story commercially zoned property on LaPorte Street was accepted at $125,000 while the duplex on Garro Street was purchased for $73,500 and the shopping strip on Water Street went for $94,000.

McKesson Title was approved to complete the title work in preparation for closing.

Utility Superintendent Donny Davidson gave the redevelopment commission members an update on the Pine Water project.  The second progress meeting was conducted last week.  A 12 inch water line has been installed and drilling began last week on the new well.  The project is scheduled for completion in May of 2013.  Davidson explained that equipment delivery is what takes the time.  The pressure filters have been ordered but are not expected to be delivered until December.

Redevelopment Commission members also approved an over-run on the Oak Drive construction project.  Original project estimate cost was $2.4 million.  There were some large items for under-cut and over-runs mainly due to unsuitable soils that were found.  The city’s share of the over-runs was $80,400.  It is anticipated that the overages will be covered in the 80-20 split.