09/24/12 Residents and staff of Miller’s Senior Living Community met in the Main Lobby at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 11 for a Time of Remembrance in honor of Patriot Day.  Volunteers Annette Ray and Don Harness prepared a power point presentation taking the audience back in time to that fateful day inAmericain 2001.

Ray’s narration and photos took the audience step by step through the fateful events of that day 11 years ago.  She pointed out specific things in the photos that many may have forgotten over the years or actually missed as they sat glued to their TV’s while it was happening.   While it brought back the sadness and horror; Ray did end on an uplifting note. She shared scripture of hope from the book of Philippians and ended with a saxophone solo of “God BlessAmerica” as the crowd stood to their feet and sang along.


Photo:  Annette Ray ends her 9-11 “Time of Remembrance” by playing “God Bless America” as the audience sings along.