09/21/12 As part of National Assisted Living Week celebrations residents at Miller’s Senior Living were treated with an appearance by Ed and Annette’s Monkeys and More from Chicago.  Ed and Annette Parzygnat are exotic pet rescuers who teach young and old alike the difference between a pet and a wild animal.

Monkeys and More attracts a crowd because the uniqueness of the animals and the hands on approach.  Appearing at the educational program Monday evening were a ball python, a chimpanzee, a spider monkey, a rabbit, a turtle, and a tarantula.

  The Parzygnats make the program fun as well as educational.  While explaining the natural habitats of the different animals they are also educating the children and their parents about the fact that these particular animals are not meant to be kept indoors as pets.  By doing so it could hurt the animal or the person keeping it.

While some of the animals may be touched and fed, not all of them can.  Lisa Marie, the chimpanzee was able to show the crowd where her feet, belly button and nose were located; however, no one was allowed to touch her.   They were able to watch her eat applesauce with a spoon, eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and drink through a straw.  But, at the age of 6 years old Lisa Marie is a very strong and powerful animal.  She is not a pet.

  Other highlights of the evening were feeding Ajax, the spider monkey.  With proper supervision by Miss Annette spectators were allowed to feed Ajax and pet him on the head.   The crowd also learned the difference between a monkey and a chimpanzee during the program.  Monkey’s have tails while chimpanzees are a part of the great ape family – no tails.

Brave audience members volunteered to let a tarantula sit on their arm while others touched Boots, the ball python.  Some even let him rest around their necks.  Those not as brave enjoyed petting Pat, the rabbit.

For more info about Monkeys and More go to www.edandannettesmonkeysandmore.  For more info about Miller’s Senior Living Community call 574-936-9801 and ask for Anna Corbett.

Photo:  Andrew Overmyer of Plymouth holds very still as a tarantula of Monkeys and More sits on his chest.

Photo:  Irene Springman of Miller’s enjoys petting Pat, the rabbit as Ed Parzygnat holds him.

Photo:  Quazar Craft of Plymouth seems happy to have Boots the ball python of Monkeys and More resting across his shoulders.