09/21/12 This week the Marshall County unanimously voted to reduce the speed limit on 12th Road between Olive Trail and Peach Road and on Peach Road south to Menominee Trial from 40 MPH to 35 MPH.

The request first surfaced after the commissioners decided to allow golf carts on county roadways where the speed limit is 35 MPH or less.

A petition drive by Dave Winrotte asked the commissioners to reduce the speed to 30 MPH.  Dozens of citizens signed the petitions although many were not residents of 12th Road or Peach Road.  Winrotte appeared before the commissioners this week and explained his reasoning for the speed reduction.  He said, “Really to me, it’s a safety issue not a golf cart issue.”

Winrotte explained that customers of the bait shop and some residents in the area travel too fast along the lake area roadways.  He said, “My initial concern is the safety situation.”  He said he owns property on both sides of the roadway and crossing the road is dangerous because of the hill.

Commissioner Jack Roose said, “Enforcement is the only deterrent,” referring to the speeding traffic.  A traffic counter was placed on the roadway and it showed that the average traffic speed was below the original 40 MPH.

The rules were suspended and the speed limit ordinance was amended on all three readings and is now in effect.