09/20/12 Culver Elementary welcomes New Vice-Principal Erin Proskey for the 2012-2013 School Year. Mrs. Proskey is a Chicago, IL native who attended The University Of Illinois at Chicago for her BA and attended N.E. Illinois University at Chicago for her Masters in Special Education. She also has a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Indianapolis. Erin married Ray Proskey in 1997 and after teaching in the Chicago Public Schools for 6 years decided to move to Culver. She has taught special education at the Knox Elementary School and has also taught Early Childhood Practical at Ancilla College. Her job prior to coming to Culver was at Tippecanoe Valley High School as the Vice Principal. Superintendent Schultz commented that as a candidate for the job “Erin had elementary education, secondary education, special education, and administrative knowledge. She had a good diversified knowledge.”

The School Corporation received numerous applications, over 20, according to Superintendent Schultz. “Mr. Kitchell and I screened the applicants down to 8 and after another round of interviews, selected a couple to interview with the Culver Elementary School teachers along with Mr. Kitchell. Erin came out on top.” It was just so fortunate that she also lived in our community.”

Erin and Ray have two children attending the Culver School System, Lindsey Proskey in 7th grade and Lillian Proskey in the 4th grade. When asked what she thought made Culver schools special Erin stated, “I feel like in a small town children have more opportunities not less. They have the chance to be involved in more things and to get the recognition for their accomplishments.”  She continued with, “this job was a great opportunity for me and I feel very lucky to have gotten it.”. Finally WTCA reporter Rhonda Reinhold asked Erin what is something about you that nobody in town knows about you? She laughingly responded, ” I will drive 70 miles for a cup of Dunkin Donuts Coffee! I really will.”

Rhonda Reinhold Correspondent