09/18/12 It has quickly become one of the most important pieces of equipment any fire department can have, and now Lapaz-North Township firefighters will be receiving one of the most modern, high-tech versions of the tool.

The Marshall County Community Foundation and Lapaz- North Township Fire Department are teaming up to Purchase an $8,000 thermal imaging camera. Assistant Fire Chief Chris Oginsky and Firefighter Wes Bringham assisted in the grant process by helping identify this need in the Lapaz- North Township community.

The device uses updated technology to enable the department’s firefighters to “see” through smoke and darkness to quickly locate anyone trapped in a building during a fire. The camera can also play a major role in reducing property damage. With one in hand, firefighters can often locate hot spots inside walls and extinguish them before they spread.

Thermal imagers used to be considered a luxury, but now they’re a necessity because they can be used in so many different ways, equipping our first responders with the latest life-saving technology is critical to ensuring the safety of people in this community.

The Lapaz- North Township Fire Department just recently took possession of this new tool manufactured by ISG Elite XR with the assistance of fundraising from multiple Lapaz/ North Township residents. Without them and the Marshall County Community Foundation this Grant would not have been possible.

The grant is part of a local philanthropic program funded by The Marshall County Community Foundation (MCCF) supports new and existing programs of nonprofit organizations through grant distributions and provides numerous scholarship opportunities for those seeking to pursue educational opportunities.  MCCF represents a wide variety of ideas and interests of individual contributors who have united with a common purpose — the betterment of their communities both now and in the future through effective and ethical endowment philanthropy.