09/18/12  Langfeldt Excavating was the lower bidder on a Yellow River maintenance project that will remove brush from the river bank.  The Drainage Board approved their low bid of $12,500.

The Drainage Board will sign a letter of commitment in support of a 319 grant application for Marshall County Soil & Water.

Tyson Edwards chairman of the local Soil &Water District and John Richardson from Cardinal J.F. Neu explained the goal of the grant, to write a water shed plan to create projects to improve the water.  In seeking sponsors and partners for the grant it was suggested the County Drainage Board commit $12,000 each year for the next three years for projects in the watershed off the grant.  The grant requires a 40% local match and some can be in-kind services while the county’s $36,000 is a great benefit to securing the federal grant money that is funneled through the state.  Once the plan is approved funding is available for implementation of projects in the plan.