09/14/12 Parents driving their children to Argos School next Monday will need to be aware of some important changes. Parents dropping and picking up their children uses First Street to enter the parking lot. The school buses also use this entrance to the parking lot.  High School drivers use Yearick Street entrance so that they can use the spaces on the west side of the school. When the teenagers are in a hurry to leave after school they have been known to use the alley entrance off the school property behind the dentist office.

  Police Chief, Rodney Rudd, told the Argos Town Council of a meeting he had with the school officials about fixing the traffic flow issues that happen before and after school. Rudd suggested making it a four way stop at Plum Street and First Street and at Yearick and Plum Streets. Rudd also suggested making the north side of Plum Street between First and Michigan a no parking zone and add a “Do Not Enter” sign on the north entrance of the alley behind the dentist office. He told the Council the school was fully on board with the recommendations. The Council voted unanimously for Rudd’s recommendations.

The no parking zones have been painted yellow. The new stop signs will be uncovered starting Monday morning.

Teressa Welborn Correspondence