09/13/12 There were quite a few items on the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety meeting this week.

Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller recommended approval of the only bid received to re-roof the flat-roof and barrel-roof of the Fire Station.  Morris & Son’s Roofing submitted a bid of $127,536.  Mayor Senter noted that the project was originally budgeted for 2013 but due to continued issues with leaks an additional appropriation was approved and the job should start in the fall.

Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson is working with the City Attorney on terms for an agreement with Com Control for use of the west water tower on Pidco Drive.  Com Control would like to mount two communication antennas on the water tower.  It is anticipated that the agreement will be ready for the board’s review at their next meeting on Monday, September 24th.

Davidson also brought to the attention of the board and the general public some complaints he has received with city water customers receiving notices for insuring their private water service line.  HomeServe USA, a private company has been sending mailings that look similar to an invoice.  The method of advertising is confusing to customers with many thinking that the City of Plymouth is offering the insurance.  Davidson stressed, “This is not a City sponsored or recommended service.  It is strictly a private service offered to interested homeowners who would choose to participate.”  He did confirm that HomeServ USA was legit business.

Plymouth Building Inspector Keith Hammonds informed the Board of Public Works and Safety that the crawlspace foundation for the Plymouth Motel has been filled in.  The motel was demolished in June but the open hole for the crawlspace was left open.  The weed problem that now exists at the same site has been addressed with the owners.  Mayor Senter also asked Hammonds to have the sign removed by the owners.   It was also noted that a contractor is working hard on the first building at the Park Jefferson Apartments.

Police Chief Jim Cox reported the resignation of Officer Jason Dobbins.  Dobbins, who lives in Warsaw is completing the necessary paperwork to move to the Warsaw Police Department.  It is anticipated his resignation will become effective on October 15th.  The Board approved Chief Cox’s request to begin the hiring process.

Chief Cox reported information on having an auction to dispose of more than 100 bicycles that his officers have picked up over the past several years.  Last month he told them the garage he has been storing the bikes in is overflowing and he couldn’t take any more.  An auction was suggested and the Chief reported that Gobel’s Oak Crest Auctions in Plymouth will conduct the auction for a fee of 10%.  Any department wishing to add items to the auction should get a list of items to Chief Cox and then a date will be selected.  The auction will be held at the fire house later this fall.