09/13/12 The Argos Town Council will have a public hearing for the proposed 2013 budget before their October 3rd meeting at 7:15 meeting.  The proposed tax rate for 2013 is 1.9051%.  Town Clerk, Patty Jones, explained the increase over last year’s rate.  After a long absents, there is a tax rate for storm sewers.  This rate was included to capture monies for future plans for the storm sewer system.   Also, the Council increased their budget allowance to cover future increases in trash pickup.  The EMS had an increase due to plans for a major repair with one of the ambulances.

The electric users in Argos received a surprise with their September utility bill.  When the Council passed an ordinance for the quarterly power tracker rate, they passed the wrong percentage.  The clerk’s office calculated the difference for each user and applied the credit to the September billing.  The total credit was a little over $10,000.