09/11/12  There were no comments during the public hearing of the 2013 city budget during last night’s Plymouth Common Council meeting.  The bottom line of the budget for next year is 1.48% higher than this year at $11,082,572.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi told council members he and Building Inspector Keith Hammonds spent the majority of last Wednesday visiting the various city owned facilities to review their ADA compliance.  At the recommendation of MACOG and inventory is being taken with issues being identified.  Surrisi said he would present a report in the future that the common council can prioritize and consider funding the needed improvements.

Surrisi also presented a proposed agreement the Plymouth Plan Commission has approved with Ratio Architects for a complete update to the City’s 2003 Comprehensive Plan.  The attorney noted that reimbursable will be billed monthly with receipts instead of at a percentage of the project.

Council members also approved the creation of a fund for the FEMA Garro Street project and the FEMA Plum Street project.  The city will be purchasing seven homes in the flood plain.  The two homes on are on Garro Street will cost the city $40,481 for their 25% of the purchase with FEMA picking up 75%.  The Plum Street project includes 3 homes on Plum Street and 2 homes on Walnut Street with the city’s 25% at $136,341.