09/10/12 After last month’s Culver Park Board Meeting and subsequent Town Council Meeting over the Park Budget, two very generous donations were made to the park. The first donation came from John and Mary Helphrey. They donated a wagon which had been requested in the budget. The present wagon is 20 years old and was hand built by Jack Sanders. The 2nd donation came from Mr. and Mrs. Green whom after hearing the request and budget for 2013 donated a Bush-hog.  Park Superintendent Young had requested a gator to gather and dispose of the seaweed that lines the beach in the morning. The Bush-hog is somewhat similar to a gator and only has 28 hours of used time on it. Both the Helphrey’s and the Greens were thanked by the Superintendent and the Park Board at their September 5th Culver Park Board Meeting.

Rhonda Reinhold Correspondent