09/07/12 Members of the Triton High School Natural Resources class participated in a “River Expedition” in Tippecanoe State Park on Wednesday, September 5th.  Students were divided into “raft teams” as they competed in events about conserving natural resources throughout the day. They studied some endangered species of wildlife, tested water samples, identified invertebrates in the water, and studied different types of trees in the forest and the type of ground the different species choose for growth.

Members of the team were: front row (l to r)Seth Glingle, Peter Kauffman, Wes Williamson, James Eyrich, Tyra Fakes, Dustin Brown, Zac Whitaker ; and back row: Kelsey Spicer, Kaitlyn Barham, Danielle Blacklaw, Abigail Perry, and Daniel Scheffer.    The teacher is Mike Emenaker.