09/07/12 This week members of the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals had a very busy meeting.

Al Collins from Construction Management & Design was seeking two variances for two properties on the west side of Plum Street between Harrison and North Streets and between Madison and Jackson Streets.

The first variance was to allow a 16 unit multifamily units in an I-industrial zoning district.  Collins explained that the property is part of the abandoned railroad and is underutilized.  He said, “Considering that the site is not large enough for an industrial use, we would like to place a senior facility on it.  The proposal is for 16 senior living rental villas, like those immediately behind Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The second variance was for the 8 multifamily units in a R-3 traditional residential zoning district.  These will be exactly the same style as the other 16.  Typically these units are maintenance care free for the residents and include 2 off-street parking spaces.

The City BZA approved both variances and board president, Mark Gidley said, “This project is consistent with trying to reinvigorate our downtown.”

Dan and Lori Lowry were approved for a variance to reduce the front-yard set-back from the required 20 feet to 12 feet for a porch on their home at 312 North Plum Street.

John Beauchamp received a variance to reduce the rear-yard set-back from 20 feet to 10 feet to allow a 24 by 24 garage with no driveway at the rear of his property.

The final variance request was by Dave Haycraft for property at 114 Water Street.  The variance was to allow a tattoo parlor in a beauty salon at the property zoned downtown commercial.  Drendlyan Ortiz currently is renting space for her salon.  He husband, Gonzalo is a tattoo artist and would like to operate an upscale parlor in the same facility.

Members of the BZA were notified that Mr. Haycraft has signed an agreement to sell his property and he expects to close on the sale within 45 to 90 days.  Since the variance would only be for a short period of time the BZA denied the request.