09/06/12 Wednesday night about 9:20 emergency responders from Plymouth were dispatched to the Family Express at the corner of Jefferson Street and Oak Driver for the report of a car that crashed into a gas pump.  The dispatcher said the pump was on fire and there was fire underneath the car.

  When crews arrived on the scene they found a gas pump completely knocked off its base and on fire and the vehicle sitting between the two rows of pumps with fire underneath it.

   The driver, 18 year old Jeremy Gamble of Plymouth told emergency responders that his shoe laces became tangled in the break and gas pedal.  The vehicle jumped the curb at the southwest corner of the property, drove over the landscaping and struck one of the pumps our front.

  The gas pump was totally destroyed and the vehicle sustained significant damage.  Gamble was not injured in the crash.

Jeremy Gamble was arrested for operating a vehicle with controlled substance after being tested at SJRMC in Plymouth.  His bond was set at $1,500 cash.