09/05/12 On Thursday, August 30th at 11:20 PM, Plymouth Police Officer Bridget Hite conducted a traffic stop at Michigan Road and Eastwood Road.  The driver was 30 year old Wilson Moncada- Lobo of Argos. During the routine check of personal information it was found that Mr. Moncada- Lobo had never received a valid driver’s license. He was arrested for operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license and was transported and booked into the Marshall County Jail on a $250. He was released Friday, August 31st after posting his cash bond.

On Friday, August 31st at 12:10 AM, Corporal Hite conducted a traffic stop on 52 year old Jeffrey P. Moriarty of Argos.  Officer Hite observed Mr. Moriarty’s vehicle traveling northbound on Michigan Street with no head lights on and initiated the traffic stop in the Plymouth Speedway Gas Station parking lot. It was discovered that Mr. Moriarty was a habitual traffic violator and had a life time suspension of his license.   He was arrested and transported to the Marshall County Jail where he was held without bond.