09/04/12 GiveIN Game is a free donation program run by the DNR to connect people who would like deer meat to feed their families with successful hunters who have extra deer meat.

Entering its second season, the program makes it easy for the two groups to connect on their own time and set up an exchange. Selling, bartering or trading for venison is prohibited. The highly successful program had 702 participants for its first deer season.

A majority of the program participants who responded to a recent DNR survey agreed the program is easy to use, private and secure, and that it fosters community goodwill. More than 90 percent of participants said they would sign up again this year.

“GiveIN Game is a great way to connect people in local communities who are looking for a healthy alternative source of protein,” said Chad Stewart, DNR deer research biologist.

Registration for the second season of DNR’s GiveIN Game program starts Sept. 1. If you registered before Sept. 1, you will still need to register again to participate. Register at hunting.IN.gov/7240.htm.

For answers to frequently asked questions about deer hunting, see hunting.IN.gov/7389.htm.