08/31/12 Jim Marquardt, Plymouth Street Superintendent announced the holiday trash pick-up schedule on Thursday.

With the Labor Day holiday on Monday, trash pick-up schedules for the entire week will be pushed back one day.  Those who have their trash normally picked up on Tuesday will have pick-up on Wednesday…for next week only.  Trash pick-up for the rest of the week will also be pushed back one day so Wednesday’s normal trash pick-up will be on Thursday and Thursday’s will be on Friday.

Please remember that your trash and recycling are to be placed at the curb for pick-up at 6 a.m.  The trash and recycling tote lid must be closed; any items overflowing the tote may fall off and will cause the tote not to be emptied.  Any items placed outside of the regular trash tote will not be picked-up without a special pick-up appointment to be set up with the trash hauler.  The recycling truck comes every week in Plymouth on the same day as the trash pick-up.

Yard waste pick-up days are Mondays and Fridays weather permitting.  Yard waste containers that are too heavy cause too many injuries.  Please use multiple cans.  The crews start early and once through your area do not come back.

Anyone with questions should call the Plymouth Street Department.  (963-2017)