08/31/12 During this month’s Redevelopment Commission meeting, Brent Martin made a brief presentation on the Metronet.

A group of individuals have been working to bring the Metronet to Plymouth and Marshall County from South Bend for several months.  Martin said, “Ongoing discussions came to a head on Friday.”  He didn’t elaborate on the discussion but did ask the Commission to view a 4 minute power point presentation on the Metronet.

The Marshall County Metronet project positively impacts our community economic development corporation vision.  The project would connect multiple community anchor institutions and county facilities to the fiber network within the service area.

Martin explained, “The project will extend a unique public-private partnership between Marshall County and the St. Joe Valley Metronet, a non-profit corporation.”  He also said the project will bolster growth and job creation in Plymouth and Marshall County, by creating and saving jobs.

Members of the T-squared Initiative are verging on accomplishing a working relationship between the city, county and private business to bring the dark fiber to Plymouth.  Martin wanted the Redevelopment Commission to consider adding the Metronet to the project list of all three TIF (Tax Incremental Financing) Districts as an additional funding source for the project.

The September 18th meeting of the Redevelopment Commission will discuss the finer points of how this program will work for all entities involved.