08/30/12 Earlier this month WTCA was notified by a couple of listeners of their concerns for the condition of the Garro Street Bridge over the Yellow River just west of the Lincoln Junior High School.  The listeners said, “The sidewalk is torn up and the railing is missing pieces.”  They also asked when the last inspection was.

 Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said he and highway superintendent Neal Haeck spent some time looking at the bridge structure and do believe there are some issues but nothing to worry about.  Overmyer said after the festival this weekend the will do some work on the sidewalks.

  Bridge number 227 is on the historical bridge list so renovations will have to meet specific standards.

  Commissioner Overmyer explained that all the County’s bridges are inspected on a four year program.  Every two years it’s a regular inspection and then the next inspection includes underwater inspections.

  The most recent inspection was completed in October of 2010.  The report indicates that the bridge railings, transitions, approach and end guardrails do not meet current safety standards.  Structurally there are cracks noted with spalls, seepage, leaching and exposed rusted rebar in the arch.

  The 2010 report indicates proposed improvements in 2013 with a full restoration.  The suggestion is to remove the railing and spandrel walls, patch the underneath arch as needed, replace spandrel walls and place deck and railing.  It also suggests placing a concrete toe-wall around pier 2 and along the abutments.  The sufficiency rating on the Garro Street Bridge is an 80.6.

  Remarks on the bridge report include deterioration of concrete, footing exposed at abutments, pier for work exposed and the railing walls are leaning.

  Commissioner Overmyer indicated that bridge inspections are scheduled to begin in October of this year and he will closely monitor the inspection on this bridge.  If the sufficiency rating drops much lower the county could seek federal funds to make the necessary improvements.