08/27/12 Some more exciting news is on the horizon for the Lincoln Junior High School …….Oliver Ford is having their next Drive One for LJHS on Saturday Sept. 29th from 9-noon.

The drive will take place at Plymouth High School in the north parking lot.  Oliver Ford will bring about a dozen different types of vehicles for citizens to take a short test drive.  Each driver who does a test drive will be required to fill out an survey form although no one from Oliver Ford will use the information gathered to solicit a future vehicle purchase from you.  For each test drive Lincoln Junior High will receive $20 so the more families that test drive the more money the school can make.

All proceeds from the Drive One for LJHS will benefit literacy at the school.  Reid Gault, Principal said, “We will be using the money to purchase novels for our Language Arts classes, leveled readers for our intervention classes, and possibly digital materials for use with computers to improve digital literacy and incentives for the Achieve 3000 program which targets reading comprehension through the use of non-fiction informational text.”

Keep listening to WTCA for more information and details on the Drive One for LJHS.