08/24/12 Thursday,Congressman Joe Donnelly and former U.S. Senator Evan Bayh continued their two-day, five-community tour of Indiana talking about their shared common sense approach to getting things done for middle class families.  They began their day in Fort Wayne, where they visited Paint the Town Graphics, a small, women-owned business on Main Street.

 Senator Evan Bayh said, “The problem with Washington is there is too much bickering and too much partisanship.  Joe Donnelly will work across party lines to get things done.  He’s helped run a small printing business, so he knows what it takes on Main Street to create jobs.  He’s a fiscal conservative in the Indiana, common sense tradition.  We don’t need more ‘my way or the highway’ approaches to politics.  All that will lead to is higher taxes, more debt and fewer jobs.  Joe, on the other hand, will put Indiana families and Indiana jobs first.”

  Donnelly said, “I am honored to have Senator Bayh travel with me to businesses in communities across Indiana because I hope to be a U.S. Senator in the common sense tradition of the Bayh family.  While my opponent preaches politics of division, I remain focused on what matters most: working with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to create jobs, lower the debt, and balance the budget.”

  At lunch-time, Donnelly and Bayh met with community leaders at the locally-owned Opie’s Deli in Plymouth.  As he walked from the Library to Opie’s he stopped in at Uncle Doug’s Barber Shop and talked with customers there.

    Speaking to the news media Donnelly spoke of Indiana being the “heart and soul of America where folks sweat and toiled to build great businesses.” He talked about his focus to keep and create new jobs.

  Donnelly also talked about the need for bipartisanship in Washington.  He said, “It’s not about the Democrats or the Republicans, it’s about Americans!”  He continued, “I’m the hired help to go solve the problems to make our state strong and our country strong.”

Former Senator Evan Bayh told those gathered, “You can believe and trust in Joe.  He’s a family man, committed to his church, an honest individual and hardworking.”  He also noted that Donnelly has returned $600,000 in unspent funds back to the federal government.