08/24/12 Last week the Indiana Department of Transportation notified County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck and the Commissioners of an award of additional funds for the 7th Road project.

The County was awarded an additional $3,860,606in Federal Highway Administration funds for the 7th Road project.  The total Federal share for the project is now $8,160,606.  These funds are used for funding up to 80% of construction of the new roadway project.

The commissioner motioned to enter into the Local Public Agency (LPA) contract with INDOT to keep the project moving forward.

With this additional funding the county now had the money needed to proceed with the 7th Road construction project.  The funding is only for the first phase of the road, from Linden Road west to Michigan Road.  The total length of this phase will be approximately 1.8 miles. Estimated cost for phase I is $8.1 million including construction and right-of-way.  Now that funds are available the county can begin the process to acquire the needed property for the project.  USI Consultants confirmed that the environmental portion of the project was approved last week and they will begin the acquisition portion of the project in the next three months.

The 7th Road extension is a critical component of the US 31 interchange.