08/23/12 Francis Ellert will lead the United Way of Marshall County as the new Board President. Chris Eberly announced his resignation Monday in a letter to the Board. Eberly, who has served in that capacity since January 2011, will be taking on additional responsibilities in his position with TCU and moving to St Joseph County. Eberly was appointed to the board in April 2007; his second term was set to expire in 2013. Eberly noted that he will still have a presence in Marshall County and expressed his continued support.

UWMC Executive Director, Linda Yoder, said “We appreciate very much Chris’s support of United Way and wish him all the best in new opportunities he will be pursuing. Francis joins a long list of strong leaders who have shown tremendous commitment to Marshall County communities and the people who live here.”

For more information about how you can become involved with United Way of Marshall County, call 574.936.3366 or visit www.marshallcountyuw.org.