08/23/12 The recent TV report from South Bend indicating that there was an issue with BP gasoline has caused some questions for the Bellmart BP stations.

The report indicated that the BP brand gasoline at the Whiting terminal had too much of an ingredient causing problems for vehicle does not include the host of Bellmart BP Station.

  Jamie Bellman from Bellman Oil in Bremen confirmed Wednesday afternoon that their 25 plus BP Station DO NOT receive their gasoline from the Whiting terminal.  Bellman said their semis load their fuel from the Granger terminal.  He explained that one of the 1 million gallon holding tanks in Whiting were contaminated causing a big problem.  Bellmen said about 100 semis would load at the terminal and then distribute gas to approximately 80 stations.  The gas was then sold to customers and put in cars, trucks, boats and tractors.

There were only a couple of days when the bad gas was distributed, from August 13th through the 17th.   Primarily the BP stations affected were in the northwest area of Indiana.

Mr. Bellman said their oil company has fielded 50 to 100 calls over the past two days from people saying their cars are not working correctly.  He assured WTCA and the callers that Bellman Oil DOES NOT receive gasoline from the Whiting Terminal.  The Granger terminal receives their fuel supplies from the Huntington Refinery.

The BP Corporation is taking steps to provide customers who have proof they purchased the tainted fuel a way to receive a reimbursement for repairs and the fuel purchased.  Citizens can email bp.com or call 1-800-333-3991.