08/21/12  More than a dozen people attend the Marshall County Drainage Board Meeting Monday morning to learn about and discuss their concerns on the proposed reconstruction of the Logan Drain.

There are a total of 187 parcels in the watershed, including many lots in the Tall Oaks Subdivision and the Deer Trail subdivisions off State Road 17.  County Surveyor Larry Fisher has estimated the reconstruction at $308,052 including acquisition of right-of-way. Property owners would be responsible for $262,918.  Each property owner was notified of their estimated billing on the project.  There were 68 remonstrators or 36% of the total parcel owners against the proposal.

A public Hearing was opened and several citizens affected by the project spoke out against the project.  Gary Cook who lives in Tall Oaks asked why all of the homes in the subdivision were not being assessed for the project.  Fisher explained that some of the homes drainage is through the Parker Ditch.  Cook also stated that he had never experienced flooding and the drainage pond for the subdivision has never overflowed.  He also asked for clarification saying, “I have been told the drain is being moved to the other side of the tree-line because one property owner refused to have the drain though their property.  Fisher said he was looking for the most cost effective way to complete the reconstruction project.

Kent Hammonds who lives in Deer Trail said he has never had a problem at his property with water or drainage and was opposed to the project.

Jean Gray who lives on Candy Lane asked about the onetime assessment and if there would be a maintenance fee.

Local business owner Tony Gamble has lived on Crimson Lane for 16 year, directly across from the retention pond and never seen it overflow.  He also explained that many of the residents are seniors on limited incomes.  He said, “This is a big expense for them.”  He too was concerned with having to remove the tree-line to relocate the new drain.

During the discussion of the Drainage Board, President Jack Roose said, “We got a lot of good input this morning. This board gets difficult decisions from time to time and we can look into the future for development or look the other way and allow standing water to remain.”

At one point with no further discussion Jack Roose said, “I guess this project dies for lack of a motion.” At which point Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said, “I understand your concern.  Water is a common nuisance for everybody.”  He went on to say historically drainage projects come in under estimate.  Overmyer also noted the very dry summer we have experienced and said he remembered having to provide sand bags for a few property owners during a flooding period a couple years ago.

Overmyer then motioned to move forward with the project stating, “The benefits exceed the costs for this project.” Commissioner Greg Comptom seconded the motion.  The vote of the Drainage Board was 4 in favor of the project (Overmyer, Roose, Compton and Dan Vories while Randy Glingle was the lone no vote.