08/20/12 Marshall County Auditor Penny Lukenbill presented copies of the General Fund and Special Funds budget for2011 and 2012 during the County Council meeting last week.  The reports indicate the expenditures for 2011, appropriations with expenditures thru the first half of this year and balances, and requests for the 2013 budget.

A quick look at the General Fund shows expenditures of $11,238,122.25 in 2011.  The original appropriation for 2012 was $10,733,989 with $6,092.868.13 being spent during the first six months and $5,091,595.44 balances remaining.  Requests for the 2013 budget are $8,764,400.00.

The substantial change in the General Fund budget includes moving the Sheriff’s Budget and Jail Budget to a new fund, the CAGIT Certified Shares Fund.  This new Special Fund was created with the state’s direction.  As to how to use the $2.8 million of certified shares that comes into the county annually, Council President Matt Hassel and Auditor Penny Lukenbill have determined using the funds, income tax dollars, for the general public’s safety and allowing for transparency.