08/17/12 Indiana Conservation Officers are investigating a tree stand accident that occurred at 10099 7th Road near Plymouth Wednesay evening.  According to Conservation Seth Officer Owens, 45 year old Stephen E Guzak, was attempting to hang his tree stand to hunt from in the upcoming deer season and as he did he fell from the tree approximately 20 feet to the ground.  Guzak was not using any protective gear such as a climbing harness or safety line.  Guzak suffered a broken hip, dislocated shoulder, possible broken ribs and arm.  He was transported by MedFlight helicopter to Memorial Hospital in South Bend for treatment of his injuries.  Late Wednesday night he was listed in stable condition.  Other units on the scene were Marshall County Sherriff’s Department, and Plymouth Fire and EMS.

  Indiana Conservation Officers urge anyone setting up a tree stand to use the proper safety gear and to have help.  Conservation Officers also urge sportsmen and women to leave a hunting plan with a responsible person since Guzak was lucky as he was out by himself and his cell phone worked well enough to call 911.  There may not be cell phone coverage where all people hunt and that is why a hunting plan is good to have.