08/16/12 A public hearing was held during the Plymouth Common Council meeting Monday night for several additional appropriations.

A $32,000 additional was requested by the Building Commission so the city can begin the process of updating and revising the City’s current Comprehensive Plan. The plan was created in 2003 by Ratio Architects.  It was their estimate that it would take approximately $32,000 to complete the project.

The Police Department had a general fund additional request of $40,000.  This is money that they city has received from their insurance company for water damage at the station.  A toilet in the lobby flooded causing damage upstairs and downstairs.  Chief Cox said the project is complete but the extensive damage included carpet, linoleum, ceiling and drywall repairs and paint.  Also including in the $40,000 additional is the $5,000 deductable.

A similar request was made by the Plymouth Fire Department.  The insurance company has paid for the canopy that was damaged in an automobile accident in late February but the $12,000 need to be appropriated so when the repairs are made the bills can be paid.

City Clerk Treasurer Toni Hutchings was seeking an additional appropriation in the City Light and Power fund.  The installation of many new street lights in the Tech Farm on Miller Drive is park of the reason the fund is seeing a shortage.

The final additional appropriation request of $15,000 was for the Law Enforcement and Continuing Education fund for supplies.  Chief Cox explained that the department will be replacing officers off duty weapons that were purchased in 1998 and duty weapons in 2001.  They have experienced some problems with the weapons and have 24 sitting in a closet at the station.  The Chief explained that no tax dollars are being used to purchase the new weapons, the city receives a portion of every citation issued from the State.  The funds will also be used to purchase new holsters for the weapons.

Later in the meeting the City Council unanimously approved a resolution for the additional.