08/15/12 It is back to the drawing board for Culver Park Superintendent Kelly Young. Though most of the budget hearings seemed to go smoothly last week, the Town Council’s work session regarding the budget for the park was anything but. Questions regarding Kelly Young’s compensation package were brought up by park board member Patty Stallings and the issue of the Park Superintendent living on site and why it was a requirement came from another citizen.

Bill Githens a member of the town council wanted to know what the park superintendent’s life insurance benefit was.  When asked the Town Clerk, Karen Heim said she would have to get back to him regarding that matter.

The tensions were again very high as resident; Mike Stallings questioned the money in the rainy day fund. Town Council member Ed Pinder’s voiced cracked as he again stated, “One major setback would prevent the park from having any funding and why would we want to spend that money. Why would you not want to fund the Park” Ed asked with obvious emotion.

Patty Stallings then questioned the procedures for reviewing the Park Superintendent. After 2 hours of this kind of back and forth the town council asked the park superintendent to make changes to her budget by adding projected tax revenue to her budget.

Mike Stallings asked about funding for the Tree Commission at which time Lynn Overmyer from the Town Council stated, “This was not the time to ask about that.”

After looking at some of the rules of a work session of the Town Council the fact is there should be no citizen input during a working session. The fact that Patty Stallings is on the Park Board allowed for her input but the working session should not have allowed the questions and comments from any citizen.

Rhonda Reinholt Correspondent