08/14/12 Members of the Plymouth Park Board denied the request of the Nappanee Apple Festival to use 15 sets of free-standing bleachers for their event in September.

Park Superintendent, Mike Hite explained that the bleachers are picked up by forklifts and loaded on a flatbed semi for transport to Nappanee. He said there is too much bumping going on the some of the bleachers sustained minor damage from use last year.

Hite said they did not charge for the use of the bleachers last year and no official request has been received this year.  He wanted to get the park board’s feeling on the issue.  Hite continued, “I want to be a good neighbor but we are not in the rental business.”

Board member Bob Beiter motioned to approve loaning the bleachers and Sally Greenlee second the motion.  The vote was two in favor of loaning the bleachers and three against.

In other park news it was noted that the first tree in Plymouth that was infested with the Emerald Ash Borer was located in Centennial Park near the tractor pulling area.   A recent storm caused damage to the tree and when clean-up began it was determined the tree had been compromised by the Emerald Ash Borer.  The remainder of the tree was taken down and burned.  Hite said the DNR will be looking at the stump of the tree prior to having it removed.

Superintendent Hite said there are a few Ash trees near the Schuh Ditch and some planted along the sidewalk at the amphitheater but they don’t appear to be infected.  He said there are only two options; treatment or removal.  Hite explained that treatment is expensive at $7 per inch of the circumstance of the trees and they need to be treated for two years.

A discussion of the Emerald Ash Borer infestation will be held during the first Urban Forestry & Flower Committee meeting on Tuesday.