08/13/12 Last week members of the Plymouth Park Board were updated on phase 1 of the River Park Square project by a representative of the Troyer Group.

Decisions of benches, trash receptacles, lamp posts, and the entryway to the park were made during the latest stakeholders meeting.  Park Board members were able to give their thoughts and suggestions of the examples shown.  The goal is to compliment and match what the rest of the city already has in place.

  A preliminary budget of construction costs of the park improvements was $1,995,600 plus a 5% contingency bringing the total to $2,095,380.

Some of the budget estimates include construction engineering of $36,000 and mobilization and demobilization of $91,500.  Removal of roadway and pavement is listed at just over $37,000 and $8,740 for sidewalk removal.

Taking a look at improvement in the new park, over $300,000 for paving bricks, the interactive fountain equipment is listed at $55,000 while 32 benches will cost $80,000 and $20, for trash receptacles.    Other costs are $100,000 for street lights, $3,000 for the Christmas Tree, $35,000 for shade and ornamental trees and nearly $8,000 for much.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi the project is funded by the sale of the bonds, TIF Funds, and money from the Community Development Fund.  Since funding is in place it is anticipated that the Redevelopment Commission will approve making offers to the three property owners during their meeting on August 21st.   The properties the city is looking at purchasing include the white, duplex house on Garro Street, the small shopping strip on the east side of Water Street and the two-story building at the south east corner of Water and East LaPorte Street.