08/13/12 Miller’s Senior Living Community volunteers created a day of Olympic fun for residents.  Tracy Wilson and her daughters Autumn and Makayla and their friend Audrie Burton made several Olympic trivia games and attended Tea and Trivia on Thursday, August 2.

Autumn and Makayla have been very interested in the Olympics this summer and have been keeping up on all the coverage via the latest technological devices.  Activity Director Cindy Flagg asked if they would be interested in making up some trivia questions for the monthly facility tea and trivia activity.

The girls threw their whole heart into the project and when they arrived on Thursday, they had more than trivia.  Not only did they have trivia questions ready, they also made a word search game using Olympic words.  And they had a third game to see how many words could be formed using the letters from the words “Summer Olympics”.

The young ladies thought of everything for the activity.  They brought several different flavors of tea to share.  They served cookies.  They also had a supply of paper and pencils and were ready to give clues if anyone had trouble with answers.  It was a great way to bring the generations together, visit, laugh, and to simply have fun with each other.


Photo:  Autumn and Makayla Wilson and Audrie Burton serve Barbara Donnelly during Tea and Trivia at Miller’s Senior Living Community.