08/09/12 The Marshall County Church Orchestra will present its third concert of their Concert In the Park series at Walkerton Town Park on Sunday evening, August 12th at 6:00 p.m.  TheWalkertonTownPark is located south ofJohnGlennHigh School.

The orchestra, led by Don Harness of Plymouth will begin their concert with the rousing “Canadian Shield March” followed by several classical songs and traditional hymns.  The orchestra is multi-generational and inter-denominational all volunteer group.

Appearing as a special guest musician for the evening will be Kathie Jerrell on her hammered dulcimer.  Jerrell and her husband Glenn reside in Walkerton.

  While vacationing at the Ozarks State Park eight years ago, Jerrel heard the Hammered Dulcimer National Champion perform.  She became very interested in the hammered dulcimer and learned to play.  Since that time she has won the Kentucky Dulcimer Championship several times.   She also teaches each summer at the Evart Michigan Dulcimer Festival where over 14,000 people congregate in one weekend to take part in over 100 classes of acoustic instruments.

Those who are not familiar with the hammered dulcimer are in for a real treat when they attend the Walkerton concert.  The hammered dulcimer is a stringed musical instrument with the strings stretched over a trapezoidal sounding board. Typically, the hammered dulcimer is set on a stand, at an angle, before the musician, who holds small mallet hammers in each hand to strike the strings .  The dulcimer’s origin is uncertain, but many believe it was invented in Mesopotamia some 2000 years ago.  Its traditional use in the United States is in folk music.

Jerrell’s solo portion of the concert will feature the hammered dulcimer as well as an instrument known as the marimbula.  A marímbula is a folk musical instrument of the Caribbean Islands (not to be confused with a marimba).   It provides a deep, bass sound.   The orchestra will then join Jerrell on “Ode To Joy” by Ludwig van Beethovan.   The program will conclude program with the orchestra playing contemporary selections including Broadway and movie hits.

Anyone intersted in learning more about the hammered dulcimer or taking lessons may contact Kathie Jerrell at 574-586-7339.  Those wishing more informatiaon about the Marshall County Church Orchestra may call Don Harness at 574-936-7357.

Photo Caption:  Orchestra leader Don Harness and hammered dulcimer expert Kathie Jerrell look Jerrell’s music transpostions.

Photo Caption:  Hammered Dulcimer expert Kathie Jerrell introduces a new instrument – the marimbula – to orchestra members Norma Hite and Valerie Schafer.