08/10/12 The Marshall County Alternative School, housed in the Service Center of the Plymouth Schools, continues to have successes year after year. Suzie Clevenger, who runs the program, presented her yearly report to the Plymouth School Board on August 7. Clevenger said during the three tri-mesters in the 2011-2012 school years enrollment was between 14 and19 in both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Class work is competed primarily on various programs over the internet.

There were 32 seniors receiving diplomas of this year’s class of the 217 that  graduated from PHS. Others attained their ISP (Individual Student Plans) goals or attained adequate progress. According to Clevenger, two students need to complete only a few credits in order to graduate and be counted with the 2011-2012 class.

Officially the State of Indiana requires that certain criteria be met in order to be eligible. Those include: 1. Intends to withdraw or has withdrawn 2. Failure to comply 3. Parent or expectant parent  4. Employment necessary 5. Disruptive.

Clevenger also teaches one period each day in the credit recovery program at PHS.

Of the 39 applications that they received for the 2012-2013 school year, 19 students were chosen for enrollment. Clevenger said, “This is more that we have ever had apply.”

Correspondent Carol Anders