08/10/12 During the Commissioners meeting Monday Commissioner Greg Compton commented about the positive results of the Jail Inspection Report conducted by the Indiana Department of Corrections.  He noted the complements received for the handling of inmates and the professionalism and courtesy of the Sheriff’s employees.

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin said, “This is a clear reflection of the dedication from Sheriff’s Department employee’s”

The 15 page report looks at the fiscal management, administration and organization of the jail.  Consideration is also given for training and staff development with checks on specific annual jail training.  The state review looks at the physical facility checking the amount of light, temperature, clothing, bedding, toilets and showers, access to telephones and holding cells. They look at safety and sanitation making sure cleaning equipment is available to inmates daily, the function of the plumbing fixtures, is there a written emergency evacuation plant and if the health board completes an annual inspection of the jail.

The Marshall County State Jail Inspection Report reviews the medical care of inmates making sure they are medically screened upon admission, medical complaints are collected daily and responded to by medically trained personnel, and that all jail personnel are trained in first aid and at least one person is on each shift is CPR trained.

Inspectors from the State check the dietary and food preparation areas including the service of 3 meals daily with at least one being hot, the cleanliness of the kitchen including equipment, floors, walls, vents and eating utensils.

The report includes a section on security and control, supervision of inmates, mail, inmate rights, discipline and more.

At the conclusion of the report is an exit conference with Sheriff Chamberlin and Jail Commander Mike Mattern.  There were only a couple of notations in the comment section including the recommendation to purchase a commercial can opener for the kitchen and the recommendation of keeping storage 16 to 18 inches from the ceiling.  The other comments were, “Offenders were well behaved, stated they felt safe, and custody officers treated them good.  Staffs were courteous, professional, and open to suggestions.  Documents were complete and well-presented and the physical plant is well maintained, very clean, and orderly.”