08/09/12 Coach Barron’s classroom at Plymouth High School was a noisy place Wednesday afternoon as administrators, staff, teachers and their families and retired teachers filled the class room to watch former PHS grad Morgan Uceny run in the London Olympics’ semi-finals of the 1500.

  Morgan ran the first couple of laps in second place and then slipped back and started the fourth and final lap in 6th place giving those lucky enough to watch it on their computers a scare.

  Her goal was just to qualify for the finals which will be held on Friday evening in London but in the afternoon here in Marshall County.   Morgan did that by finishing 3rd with a time of 4:05.34.  The top five in each of the two qualifying heats move on plus the next two top times.  The second heat was a faster qualifier with the number one finisher had a time of 4:01:03.

  The final race of the women’s 1500 will be about 3:45 in the afternoon on Friday and can be seen live on NBCOLYMPICS.COM.  It will also be shown on WNDU, Channel 16, but the time has not yet been determined.

Morgan Uceny’s final run in the London Olympics will be streamed at Plymouth High School Friday afternoon. All fans are invited to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Park in the north parking lot and enter the main northern doors. Doors open at 3:00

  Olympic Fever continues to spread throughout the town with more window painting, more free posters provided by WTCA and Town & Country Press and more businesses allowing their employees to show their support.