08/08/12  The Marshall County Commissioners had a full agenda for their meeting Monday morning.  They approved the MicroVote software agreement for the 2013 budget noting that it is the same.  Commissioner Overmyer also confirmed that there are no elections next year.    County Clerk Julie Fox also presented and the commissioner approved the 2012 General Election polling sites which remain the same as they were in the Primary Election in May.

Two out-of-town requests were approved by the commissioners.  County Plan Director Ralph Booker will be allowed to attend the fall conference of the American Planning Association in Columbus, OH.  He explained that the Indiana association is in conjunction with the Kentucky and Ohio Planning Associations and the rotate the annual meetings around the three states.  The second out-of-state travel request approved was for the County nurse, Susan Lechlightener to attend a TB Intensive Workshop in Lansing, MI.

In other business the county commissioners did not give their support to Sheriff Tom Chamberlin’s request for an additional appropriation of $15,000 for the purchase of a new vehicle for the new K-9 Officer, Brandon Cooper.  Chamberlin said he has $15,715 left in the vehicle line item and would like the additional funds to purchase a 2013 Ford Interceptor all-wheel-drive utility vehicle.  The Sheriff explained that Cooper’s 2009 Crown Victoria is scheduled for trade in next year and he would also use the trade-in funds towards the new purchase.  Cooper’s current commission has 112,000 miles on it.

Commissioners Jack Roose and Kevin Overmyer asked about the number of new vehicles purchased by the Sheriff’s Department last year.  He purchased 4 pick-up trucks and then at the end of the year was able to purchase 4 new crown vics at a rock bottom price.  The Sheriff’s Department also had two vehicle totaled in accidents that were replaced with new squad cars.

Commissioner Greg Compton motioned support the Sheriff’s request but his motion died for lack of a second.

Commissioner Overmyer stated that in May of this year during the discussion of the implementation of the K-9 is was indicated that no additional funds would be needed to wit Sheriff Chamberlin explained that the K-9, training and equipment are purchased with donations.  Overmyer said he could seek the additional funds from the County Council at their meeting next week if he wanted without their support.