08/07/12 Plymouth’s Olympian, Morgan Uceny ran in the 1500 meter qualifier Monday morning and came in second place in her heat with a time of 4:06:87.  Her time tied with the third place finisher in the third and final heat.  Morgan will run in the semi-finals on Wednesday.  There are two heats, one at 7:45 p.m. and  the second a 7:56 p.m. London time which will be 2:45 or 2:56 p.m. Indiana time.

In an interview following the race Morgan said, “There was some bumping but it was okay. You’ve got some wiggle room in the prelims. You don’t have to win. You just have to advance. I’ve been in enough races like that to know how to stay on my feet. We even do that in practice. My coach runs up next to me and elbows me.

She continued by saying, “I felt good. I was a little anxious that I hadn’t raced for a long time. I had some health issues after the Trials. I have flat feet, and the three rounds were tough on them. I was gimping around for a few days, and had to take a few days off and get therapy.”

Uceny also said, “I was less nervous than in the World Championships. I almost wasn’t nervous. Coming into the stadium, I couldn’t help but smile. I’m focused, but I’m enjoying the experience here. I’ve worked so hard to get here.

Morgan closed the interview by saying, “I heard some talk in the cafeteria the other day about how great it was that we could get all the McDonalds food we want here. I was thinking, ‘If you can’t wait a few more days for that after spending four years to get here,’ something’s wrong.”