08/01/12 27 year old Siamuel A. Stemen of Plymouth is facing multiple felony charges stemming from an incident Friday evening in Warsaw.

Warsaw Police say Stemen is accused of deliberately ramming his wife’s SUV on east Market Street in Warsaw several times event though there is a protective order in place against him.

His wife, Katie Anders Stemen told police she got off work about 5 p.m. and received a telephone call from her estranged husband, saying he just watched her leaving work.  In the downtown area he yelled at her and almost struck her Chevrolet Equinox.  As his wife drove down Market Street she saw her husband’s Toyota Tacoma near Bronson Street.  At that time he swerved into her SUV three times, hitting it each time before forcing it into a yard.

The police report indicates that the wife called and was speaking with police on her cell phone when Si Stemen called her.  Police answered the call and told him he needed to go to the Warsaw Police Department and make a statement on the incident. He told police he had called the wrong number.

Warsaw police were able to track Mr. Stemen’s whereabouts through his cell phone and found he was driving through Elkhart County.

Siamuel Stemen was later stopped by Edwardsburg, Michigan police after attempting to cut his wrists and sending a photo of it to his wife.  He as intoxicated and transported to a hospital in Dowagiac where he was treated for the injuries and when released to the Cass County Jail in Michigan.

Stemen is being held on a temporary felony warrant in Michigan and Warsaw police are working with the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office filing felony charges for domestic battery, criminal recklessness with a motor vehicle, criminal stalking, invasion of privacy, criminal mischief and resisting law enforcement.