07/27/12 Purdue pharmacy students Holly Krohn, Rebecca Widau and Claire McClain recently held a Power Point presentation  Shingles:  Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Vaccine at Miller’s Senior Living Community.  Working through Purdue’s Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience these intelligent, personable, articulate young ladies spoke with residents about the importance of receiving the shingles vaccine.

Shingles is a viral ailment that can occur anyplace on the body.  It travels through the nerves and causes a burning sensation, stabbing pain and throbbing.  It will begin as a rash and will then turn into blisters.  The students stressed, however, it is better to start treatment before the rash begins to blister.

Throughout the presentation the young ladies answered questions thrown out by the audience.  They also discussed the Shingles vaccine Zostavax.  Once a person has had shingles there is a chance they could get them a gain.  The students suggested to getting the vaccine even if they have already had shingles.  But, as always check with your physician before receiving nay vaccine or medication.

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Photo:  Purdue pharmacy students Claire McClain, Holly Krohn and Rebecca Widau discuss the topic of shingles with Verda Karn.