07/26/12 In May, they held their huge spring concert in the LJH auditorium. It was standing room only as the audience overflowed into the hallways! The PCYO was also, once again, too big to fit on stage to perform as one orchestra. The concert members took the stage first. These players started only three weeks prior but sounded great performing songs such as Seminole Chant and Lightly Row. They were followed by the advanced Chamber Ensemble which performed the famous Canon by Pachelbel. The Symphony Orchestra finished the program with some very memorable songs. After pulling on some wild wigs and hats, they played a fun Lady Gaga Hit Mix that really had the crowd excited. They slowed it down a bit with Hallelujah (featured in the movie Shrek), and ended with a huge bang performing Pirates of the Caribbean. Some of these songs have been posted on www.youtube.com for everyone to enjoy! Simply search on “PCYO Indiana”.

So far this summer, the PCYO held two of their three week-long summer camps and gave an outdoor community concert. The Symphony Orchestra was the featured guest performer of the Marshall County Church Orchestra as part of MCCO’s Concert in the Park series. This concert was held July 8th in Culver overlooking beautiful Lake Maxinkukee. The PCYO performed crowd favorites such as Edelweiss and Beauty and the Beast. They also performed the comedic Concerto for Triangle featuring Daniel Stauffer as the triangle soloist. Each time he was cued to play, the soloist was busy with other things like polishing the triangle, blowing his nose and answering his cell phone! He was finally ready and played the last ‘ding’ of the song. The kids then joined the MCCO in playing some classical orchestra numbers including The Magic Flute by Mozart and Rossini’s The Barber of Seville.

Still to come in July is the PCYO beach party as they gather in Lake Latonka for their Lake Social, and then back to Riverside in August for their third summer camp. They are busy preparing for their big performance on September 3rd at the Blueberry Festival where the PCYO will once again be playing at noon on the Michigan Stage. We hope you come by and enjoy the concert and support the kids!

Spring Concert Photos:

  Concert orchestra Violins: Graham Barger, Valeria Contreras, Nick Craft, Samuel Frias, Zoe Fritz, Chloe Garner, Victoria Guard, Savannah Gunter, Aubrey Highberger, Grace Hinderlider, Dominic Kaley, Jolie Koontz, Natalie Olvera, Adam Rosas, Ashley Rosas;

Violas: Amanda Blissmer, Cei Bowen, Naomi Dorantes, Jaden Hall, Evan Holcomb, Jenna Justice, Kolton Leffert, Tyler Voreis;

Cellos: Tia Andrews, Savana Cook, Guadalupe Flores, Tristan Guard, Hannah Haight, Elle Lee, Katie  Machlan, Monze Menjibar, Benjamin Raymond, Xavier Ruiz, Ella Schwenk;

Assistant PCYO director: Candace Thomas

  Full symphony orchestra Violins: Avery Aquino, Annalise Barden, Emma Blair, Jeff Chamberlin, Ana Cuatlacuatl, Jenny Cuatlacuatl, Sydney Espich, Jessica Gallardo, Renee Green, Karly Gruett, Brittney  Klotz, Daisy Lyon, Kiarra Ponce, Gabby Ruiz, Cassandra Salach, Andreya Soria, Sarah Tanner, Allie Tharp, Lily Wallace;

Violas: Hayden Bardwell, Hailey Casper, Alaina Clady, Lauren Schumacher, Julian Schwenk, Leah Smith, Daniel Stauffer, Michael Stauffer, Claire Tanner, Autumn Wilson;

Cellos: Tori Aukerman, Kobe Johnson, Conner Mathews, Tristan Pearson, Hugh Smith, Chase vanDuyne;

Assistant PCYO director: Ginger Kizer

  Gabi with chamber ensemble  Violins: Sarah Tanner, Karly Gruett, Allie Tharp; Violas: Hayden Bardwell, Leah Smith; Cellist: Hugh Smith; Executive PCYO Director: Gabi Hill


Culver Community Performance Photo: front row- Andreya Soria, Gabby Ruiz, Jessica Gallardo, Lily Wallace, Autumn Wilson, Daniel Stauffer, Lauren Schumacher, Tristan Pearson, Kobe Johnson; back row –Avery Aquino, Candace Thomas, Ginger Kizer, Cassandra Salach, Renee Green, Kiarra Ponce, Emma Blair, Becca Ippel, Conner Mathews; directed by Gabi Hill

  Daniel prepared for solo: Daniel Stauffer as triangle soloist