07/24/12 Monday night members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety took the recommendation of Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson and Commonwealth Engineers and awarded the bid for the Headworks Influent Control Project.  Michiana Contracting of Plymouth was the successful low bidder of the project that will maximize the City’s storage at the waste water treatment plant as required by IDEM.

Michiana’s base bid was $109,155.  The recommendations also included acceptance of the mandatory alternate bids in the amount of $34,863 for a total bid of $144,018.  The let lowest bid from the other four companies was $166,400.

Michiana Contracting will be able to begin work as soon as authorized by the City.

Due to the new conflict of interest laws, City Attorney Sean Surrisi presented a certified statement that members of the Board of Public Works and Safety approved verifying that proper procedures were followed in solicitating and awarding Michiana the bid for the project because City Councilman Mike Delp is a owner in the company.