07/20/12 If your student is looking for a solid career path or is looking to acquire job-ready skills, please consider one of two programs being offered this fall at the SCILL Center in Knox.

The SCILL Auto Technology Program is educating students in the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and engines. This spring, almost 80% of the SCILL Auto Technology graduates enrolled in institutions of higher learning, including 2 who are continuing to study engineering. For those graduates not choosing to further their education, they leave the SCILL Auto Technology Program with the skills and certifications to find a good paying job in the local area.

In addition to Auto Technology, SCILL will also be offering a new course for students interested in a career in welding. There is a nation-wide shortage of this important position, including many local and area employers who look for certified welders every day. This course will be taught by experienced and certified American Welding Society (AWS) trainers and will result in an opportunity to learn skills, be certified by the AWS, and leave the SCILL Center upon graduation with the tools needed to obtain a good job.

Both programs are a part of the North Central Area Vocational Cooperative, and are open to incoming high school juniors and seniors. Openings are still available in both programs, so if you desire more information about either program, please contact Jerry Gurrado at the SCILL Center at 574-772-8001, or contact your child’s guidance counselor, or go online at < span style=”font-family: Calibri;”>www.ncavc.org to complete and transmit your application.