07/20/12 The Culver Plan Commission conducted a public hearing Wednesday evening in the meeting room of the Culver-Union Township Library.  The public hearing was on the newly proposed Agricultural Zoning classification entitled A-1. The entire text of the proposed zoning classification can be found on the Town of Culver’s web site” www.townofculver.org” and then going to the commission section of the web site.  The new proposal has seen opposition from the established farm owners located within the two mile Culver Zoning Jurisdiction who own land that lies within both the Marshall County Zoning Ordinance and Culver’s.  Many rural landowners object to certain more stringent proposed Culver regulations and higher building permit fees.

The public hearing was opened by Plan Commission president Ralph Winters at 7:05 PM and after public comments and discussion among the six board members and members of the public, the hearing was closed at 8:33PM. Also in attendance was Marshall County Plan Director Ralph Booker. At the close of the public hearing the Plan Commission voted 6-0 to send the new changes on to the Culver Town Council for their approval and inclusion into the Culver Zoning Ordinance.