07/18/12 The Plymouth downtown merchants have a way of cooling off the heat of summer with a time honored tradition of some great deals.

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday the Plymouth downtown will take on a festival like atmosphere for the annual Sidewalk Sale days. It’s a tradition that goes back 47 years in the community and now includes the Rotary Pancake Tent serving breakfast and lunch daily.

“I know this is a really great event for stores like mine, or Yoder’s,” said Gary Treat of Treat’s Squire Shop. “I really hope it is a great event for everybody downtown. It’s been a big end of the summer sale for a long time and we are really happy to keep the torch burning so to speak.”

Downtown merchants in Plymouth will have their wares on display outside for everyone to peruse the deals at each and most will also try to help shoppers beat the heat in the same way Treat’s will.

“We have a tent just full of special items, but we’ll have a lot of things drastically reduced in the store as well,” said Treat. “It’s been a hot summer people can come in and shop in the air conditioning too.”

Each downtown merchant will be offering special sale items to celebrate the annual sidewalk tradition.

“This has always been a very healthy three days for our store,” said Treat. “We look forward to it and we’re looking forward to it again.”

Rusty Nixon Correspondent