07/18/12 Miller’s Senior Living Community Activity Director Cindy Flagg wanted to create and activity where residents and volunteers interact and get to know each other better.  One evening while watching a documentary about Speed Dating and idea popped into her head.  Why not use this same concept and title it Speed Volunteering.

Flagg explained the concept to her volunteers and chose a date that worked for everyone.  The residents were invited to the Oak Hill Café.  Three residents sat at each table leaving room for one volunteer at each table.  Everyone wore name tags.  When the bell rang each group had five minutes to visit and get to know more about each other.  Residents asked the volunteers questions and the volunteers told about themselves.  At the end of five minutes the bell rang and each volunteer moved to another table and started all over again.  While spending time together everyone was treated to chips and salsa and homebrewed iced tea.

The event was very successful.  When the last bell rang people continued talking and enjoying each other’s company.  Volunteers taking part in the Speed Volunteering event were:  Juanita Stapan, Annette Ray, Jean Dean, Tracy Wilson, Dixie Wilkinson, Phyllis Wright.  To find out more about volunteering at Miller’s call 574-936-9801 and ask for Cindy Flagg.


Photo:  Volunteer Jean Dean takes part in Speed Volunteering and visits with Katie Kubley, Annie Minker and Roy Reed.